Participatory Groundwater Management  



Groundwater KIT:
  1 Global situation
  2 Hydrology
  3 Local regulation
  4 Wise use
  5 Micro planning
  6 Participatory monitoring
  7 Using laws
  8 Awareness
About the training package    

This training package was developed by MetaMeta, in collaboration with many others. Financial support was given from the Interim Support to the Water Conservation Mission, implemented by Arcadis-Euroconsult.

It is our goal to keep updating this training package, adding modules, exercises and reference material. As we feel we can learn a lot from experiences from others, we welcome potential collaborators! If you have something interesting to share with us, just send us an email at

We would like to thank all who have contributed so far, including:

W. Boehmer (Arcadis), M. Cheebane (Development Alternatives), S. Govardhan Das (APFAMGS), S. Dixit (ICRISAT), J. Hoogesteger-van Dijk, K.V.G.K Rao (Vision Task Force Andhra Pradesh), G. Lichtenthaeler (GTZ), M. Nooij, T.M. GowriShankar (Remede), R.W.O. Soppe (WaterWatch), S. Ahmad, Q. Al-Ashbahi, R. Callow, K. Kempers, S. Merretm M. Padmanabha Reddy, T.N. Reddy, M. Tahir, Y.V. Malla Reddy (Accion Fraterena), K. Siviprasad (AFPRO), WASSAN, V. Padmahaj (Swarna Bharat Trust), Students Naravana Engineering College Nellore, K. Khasimoeera (MEOS), J. Brabo (RDT), APARD, DWMA Anantapur, Groundwater Department Nellore, and all other persons and organisations who have contributed to the development of this training package.