Participatory Groundwater Management  



Groundwater KIT:
  1 Global situation
  2 Hydrology
  3 Local regulation
  4 Wise use
  5 Micro planning
  6 Participatory monitoring
  7 Using laws
  8 Awareness
7. Making Use of Water Laws   Making use of water laws; at present not always effective...  

Regulating groundwater management by law is best seen in conjunction with other initiatives:

- planning

- promoting local management

- pricing

At present, most water laws are NOT EFFECTIVE.

In this module, it is discussed how they can be improved


7. Making Use of Water Laws

main module

- Regulatory Impact Assessment (APWALTA)

- Groundwater Legislation (GW-MATE) Reference material
- National Regulation for Grounwater (FAO) Reference material
- Example of Regulatory Impact Assessment Reference material