Participatory Groundwater Management  



Groundwater KIT:
  1 Global situation
  2 Hydrology
  3 Local regulation
  4 Wise use
  5 Micro planning
  6 Participatory monitoring
  7 Using laws
  8 Awareness
4. Wise Groundwater Use   Wise groundwater use  

This topic deals with the rebalancing of groundwater demand and supply.

There are many different mitigating measures, of which many are not fully utilized yet.

When implemented, these measures could help maintain the level of water services without causing over-use!

This topic discusses several such mitigating measures.

4. Wise Groundwater Use

main module

- Waterharvesting

Extra module
- Vermicompost Extra module
- Water Saving in Paddy Extra module
- System of Rice intensification Reference material