Participatory Groundwater Management  



Groundwater KIT:
  1 Global situation
  2 Hydrology
  3 Local regulation
  4 Wise use
  5 Micro planning
  6 Participatory monitoring
  7 Using laws
  8 Awareness
3. Local Regulation in Groundwater  local regulation in groundwater management  

Next to the main module, this topic contains case studies, exercises and reference material.

You can download the following files:

3. Local Regulation in Groundwater main module

- Guanajuato Case (Mexico)

Extra module
- Nellore Case (India) Extra module
- Endless Game Exercise
- Rain Rituals Exercise Exercise
- Local Regulation in Groundwater Management (Arcadis) Reference material
- COTAS (GW-MATE) Reference material
- Cases of Community Management Reference material