Participatory Groundwater Management  



Groundwater KIT:
  1 Global situation
  2 Hydrology
  3 Local regulation
  4 Wise use
  5 Micro planning
  6 Participatory monitoring
  7 Using laws
  8 Awareness

Participatory Groundwater Management

More than 2 billion people worldwide depend on groundwater for their daily water supply. Major agricultural economies (North China, South Asia, North Africa/Middle East) depend on groundwater. This has in many areas come at a price: falling groundwater tables and deteriorating groundwater quality.

In many places Participatory Groundwater Management has a possible important role to play to addresss these issues - alongside other measures. To bring together the scattered experience and to equip persons keen to promote participatory groundwater management this training kit has been prepared.

The training kit consists of 8 main modules, which are complemented by additional modules, exercises and reference material. You can browse to the subject of your interest and explore what there is - most files are pps (PowerPoint) files which you can download. Alternatively, the eight modules of the training kit have been made available in pdf-format. You can download them, from the site of ISIIM.

We intend to keep updating this training kit. We therefore welcome any new collaborators! Also, we are interested in your feedback. Contact us at